The Armistead Centre is hosted in NHS Liverpool Community Health and contains the following services:


  • Armistead Project - support, information and sexual health promotion and drugs harm reduction advice to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community


  • Armistead Street - outreach, access and referral services to female street based sex workers


  • Armistead City - outreach access and referral services to young men up to the age of 25 who exchange sex for gain or favour


  • Portside - sexual health promotion and outreach to off-street sex workers

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Positive Prevention Services

Is an information and advice service for gay and bisexual men living with HIV and or Hep C around sexual health, safer sexual practices (including sero sorting and other ways of reducing transmission of STI/ HIV/ Hep C), medication and adherence, healthily lifestyle, physical and mental wellbeing.


HIV/ Hep C positive men can access information via the social group, one to one or counselling services. Home visits can also be arranged with a member of staff.


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